A quick visit for independent dogs who sometimes get bored alone.

5 days a week

$17.95 /walk

We will go out for a short walk, feed and water your pet.

3-4 days a week

$19.95 /walk

Your dog's best friend for every day.

As needed

$24.95 /walk

Need urgently on business? We're here to help.

short private walk

Your dog will be happy!

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Sometimes it is so necessary that friends come up and say hello! We are friends and we are here!

We will come to play with your dog on the right day, when you do not have time to walk or you are late for work. Or your dog just doesn't like being alone! We will not let your dog be sad. Our visit will be short but perfect. This is a private meeting, your dog will be the center of attention. Short walk but full of fun.

We will become a highlight in everyday life.

We came to say hello!


total 89.75/ 5 walks

total 59.85/ 3 walks